Glasco Graphix Home of the Stil Motion Comix We enjoy entertaining, but it is essential that one must learn something revenant to life. In this day and age learning has been minimal in the entertainment industry. Glasco Graphix is a comic book company first. We have invented a very unique platform to display our comics. This platform is called The Stil Motion Comix. We have four titles that we release on the quarterly basis. The Dark Cygnet, The Shadow Beyond, The Urban Avenger Inner-city Vigilante, and Akhenaten. January 2016 new episodes of our Stil Motion Comix titles will be released


Glasco Graphix Home of the Stil Motion Comix Our music department specializes in R&B, Gospel, Spiritual Rap and Hip Hop music. We have a Spiritual artist and a Hip Hop artist with active projects on I-tunes, Pandora, Amazon and other Multi Media music sites. Our R&B and Gospel artist are in production. Although we try to hold our artist to a higher standard than most artist in the music industry, we do not like to limit their creativity. We do take an active part in trying to keep it clean but life has rough edges and we let our artist express that.
SOFTWARE & EQUIPMENT We work in a variety of different software to help achieve your needs. The software we use is of the latest technology. Adobe After Effects, Audition, Dreamweaver,Edge Animate, Edge Reflow, Flash, Gaming SDK,Illustrator, In Copy, In Design, Lightroom, Muse, Photoshop, Premiere, Prelude, Scout, SpeedGrade, Maya, Sequel, Etc.


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